What is SMMG MedTech?

SMMG MedTech stands for Sales & Marketing Mastermind Group MedTech. The group was founded by Zeke Zielinski in 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s a “Think Tank” of MedTech Sales and Marketing backgrounded Executives in the Twin Cities. Members have Sales & Marketing leadership roles currently or in their past and is made of Director Level and above of MedTech Executives that includes: VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, CEO, COO, GM, President and Venture Capitalists positions.

Our Vision

To learn from one another and advance, develop, and influence future MedTech leaders.

Our Goals

1) Network with local MedTech Sales and Marketing backgrounded Executives.

2) Meet the 1st Monday of every month Face to Face from 7AM – 8AM.

3) Listen to Invited Guest Speakers with insight in the MedTech Commercial Space.

4) Total meeting time not to exceed 60 minutes.



Please fill out below if you would like more information on SMMG MedTech in the Twin Cities.

    Steve Zeke Zielinski

    Zeke is the Founder and President of SMMG MedTech. Zeke is a MedTech Sales Executive with over 30 years of experience in start-up, mid-size, and large-cap Medical device companies and more

    Jeremy Abbs

    Versatile and dynamic leader with leadership experience in sale, marketing, business development, product development, and.

    Joanie Natalizio

    Joanie Natalizio has extensive experience working for several top healthcare companies including Johnson and Johnson and G.D. Searle (Pfizer) as well as multiple healthcare systems.

    Bryan Claseman

    Bryan Claseman is currently Chairman of the Board at Aurora CTS and Computational Life and a Director of SMMG Medtech and Pulaski Lake Shores Association.

    Chris Gustanski

    Chief Talent Guide for Due North Executive Search – Delivering Top Marketing, Product and Commercial Talent to MedTech and High-Tech Leaders building World Class Teams!